Acting for Animation Study #2

One of my mentors showed me this scene while I was at Animsquad.

This is a scene from the play Fences. It’s amazing how two actors can play a role so differently!

Notice the  difference in the mood. James Early Jones plays the role very seriously. You can feel the intensity coming from him. There is no humor in what he saying. He is slower and more careful with his words. His stance is more grounded.

But then you see the same scene with Denzel Washington. He has a much lighter tone, especially at the beginning. He chuckles and the audience laughs along with him. (Notice that nobody was laughing when James Earl Jones was talking). He gets more intense as the scene goes on, but the audience still laughs because he let them know earlier that it was ok to laugh during this scene. His body language is looser and he talks more quickly. His overall tone is more laid back.


Check it out for yourself, and let me know what you think! What did you notice?



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