A Thought on Comedy in Animation

I am a bit of a sucker for slap stick comedy, but…. only when it’s used sparingly and completely unexpected. That’s what makes a joke funny. You don’t see it coming.

I think a lot of American animated movies suffer from jokes that are too obvious.

Here’s another fart joke.

There’s another over the top zany character.

Where’s the creativity? A good joke should have a well thought out element of surprise, a twist that you didn’t see coming. How do comedians create funny jokes? They don’t walk out on stage and hope they’re funny. They plan their jokes, tell them in front of people, and then refine them to make them funnier.

They have a setup that leads you in one direction and then BAM! they hit you with the unexpected punchline.

Anyways, I’m rambling. I guess my point is I want to see better thought out jokes in animation.

Now here are some of my favorite slap stick moments in TV and film:

(From the TV show The Middle)

(From Elf)

(From Mean Girls)

What are your thoughts? What humor do you enjoy? What kind of comedy do you want to see in animation?


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