Acting for Animation Study #5

Today we’re going to look at a clip from the world of musical theater.

Why? Well, stage productions have to have more clarity in their staging* and in their body language which is something that is focused on in animation, but…. mostly I just love musical theater. If you don’t that’s ok. We can’t all have good taste. ;) but it can still be good to study theater clips for some inspiration in your animation.

The clip this week is from the Tony Awards. (like the Oscars but for theater and so much better!) My favorite part about the Tony Awards is that it includes performances from the shows currently running on Broadway. This clip is from the 1982 (hence the lack of camera quality) Tonys from the musical Dreamgirls. You may have seen the movie version, but it pales in comparison to this performance by Jennifer Holliday. So powerful.

*Note: Stage productions are not staged with a camera in mind like film is. If you want to really see how well a musical can be staged, go see a live performance! They can get really creative since they have such a small space to work in.

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