Acting for Animation Study #8

This is a clip from the 1994 movie Miracle on 34th Street.

In the clip the mother tells Santa that the little girl is deaf. He doesn’t have to talk to her, she just wanted to see Santa.

Look at the quick emotional changes in their faces.

Pay attention to 0:11 where Santa is processing what he was just told. His smile fades away as he thinks about it, and he looks back and forth between the girl and the mother.

At 0:17 His smile slowly comes back before he breaks into a huge grin.

At 0:26 the girl breaks into a huge smile when she realizes he can speak to her.


Throughout the clip look at the genuine joy in the eyes. The bigger the smile the more the eyes squint.  I had a teacher once tell me that the upper lids communicate what the emotion is, and the lower lids communicate how strong that emotion is felt.



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